dont fucking shame people for not reading for pleasure

some people have concentration-issues

some people have other hobbies

and some people just dont fucking like reading alright

shut the fuck up and sit down

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send me kinks and ill reply with B) or B(
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Motionless In White - Scissorhands (The Last Snow)
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i…………….. UH
I TRIED to draw mott … from animal crossing………………..
i lov him lmao…. ; ;”
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if a dude wants to wear a skirt let him wear a skirt what the fuck

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things that mental illness is:

  • real
  • complex
  • everywhere

things that mental illness isn’t:

  • lazy
  • fake
  • a punchline
  • an insult
  • a ticking time bomb
  • the plot of a horror movie
  • an afterthought
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